Public Relations Strategy
Creating a full public relations strategy that aligns with your business objectives includes much more than crafting a simple press release. Content creation, strategic partnerships, messaging, events, SEO and social media activities all fall within this mix. Issima! PR works with our clients to create a strategy to ensure that everything we do impacts your company in a positive way.
Materials Department
Content creation is the name of the new game. Issima! PR creates intriguing stories that generate interest among your clientele - think biographies that beckon a second glance, backgrounders that describe the real backstory of your company, fact sheets that illuminate and media alerts that result in a crowd at your next event. We also create content for newsletters, websites and design brochures, websites, and any materials needed to communicate your message properly - replete with style and substance.
Media Relations
Getting your message out to the media requires thinking like an editor and being an asset to the news cycle. Issima! PR understands the dynamics of the media world and captures coverage that increases awareness and builds credibility while meeting deadlines for journalists on the daily.
Achieving consistent and authentic messaging to effectively engage your audience is an essential step in your public relations strategy. Issima! PR works with our clients to make sure this message is reflected across all platforms: from your website and Facebook page to the minds of your employees.
Media Training
Issima! PR assists CEOs and business leaders with the tools to successfully navigate media interviews and public speaking engagements. A good interview will get you out there, but an Issima! media training will help you feel more comfortable in the process while effectively achieving your goals.
Social Media, SEO and Online Strategy
Navigating technology's immediacy requires understanding the best methods to reach your audience and the time to do it. Issima! PR understands the best social media, SEO and online strategies to employ for your brand that will get your message across. We provide blog development and e-newsletters, support with Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter and Pinterest, as well as SEO support for both your website and press materials.
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